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Our work to save Falklands penguins has featured in TV documentaries around the world. You can view TV documentaries featuring our work on YouTube in (ENGLISH), (GERMAN), and (SPANISH). We also featured in BBC TV's highly acclaimed series (EXPLORE).


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Falklands guilty of Human Rights Abuse.

NOTE: Our work, and the events portrayed on this page, feature in BBC TV's new series EXPLORE: Patagonia to the Pampas.

View documentaries about our work on YouTube (

"Morally and Constitutionally Indefensible" is how the Supreme Court described the Falkland Islands Government's attempts to silence reports that Falklands penguins are starving to death through over-fishing. The Governor, Chief Executive, Attorney General and members of Executive Council were declared to have acted illegally and immorally in their attempts to silence a marine biologist calling for penguin protection.

Attempts to silence Mike Bingham's research into penguin declines included false arrests, fabrication of evidence by the police, death threats, and an order by the Governor to deport Bingham on the grounds that he had criticised the government for not protecting penguins. The Supreme Court over-turned Governor Pierce's ruling, declaring it a gross breach of human rights for improper motives, and ordered the Falkland Islands Government to pay all Bingham's costs.

Read more about the Falkland Islands Government's attempts to silence our work.

This sordid tale of government corruption and greed, one man's fight to save Falklands penguins, and his historic victory over the Falklands government in the Supreme Court, is now published in paperback: The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham (ISBN: 1420813757) is available over the Internet using the link below, or through major book shops worldwide.

The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham - now available online here or from bookshops world-wide, ISBN: 1420813757

ISBN: 1420813757


in the media
BBC TV about our work Clicke here to see our work on BBC TV (BBC2, 25th January 2009)

Paramount Pictures (1999) and Mare TV (2006) have both filmed documentaries about Mike Bingham's work to save penguins. Read about it here.

our work on television
We have also been the subject of a number of newspaper reports.
You can read them here.
in the newspapers

penguin conservation and research in chile
The Organization for the Conservation of Penguins, in partnership with the Chilean, British and Argentine governments, has expanded its penguin monitoring programme to cover southern Chile and Argentina. photo of penguins in chile

This programme monitors the effects of tourism, and compares penguin populations in Chile and Argentina, where penguins are protected from commercial fishing, with those in the Falklands where they are not. Read about it here.
Visit the International Penguin Conservation Work Group website at for in depth information on penguins of the world, including an interactive map of world distribution, linking to data on every penguin species.
Visit for Falklands seabird research, population reports, species guides and much more.
fakland penguins starve to death
The Falklands environment is in crisis. At least 100,000 penguins died from starvation during May 2002 in the Falkland Islands. Penguin colonies throughout the Falklands were littered with dead penguins,

some fresh, some partially decayed with bones protruding. All had died within a period of a few weeks during their annual moult. Their condition and weight show that they all died as a result of starvation..

Read our full Report

New Scientist Report


Fishing within 30km of Penguins:

CHILE 50% increase in 17 years
ARGENTINA 10% increase in 10 yrs
FALKLANDS 90% decline in 20 yrs

Breeding Success (chicks per nest):

Foraging Duration (time required to catch food for chicks):
CHILE 18 hours
ARGENTINA 18 hours
FALKLANDS 34 hours

Fledging Weights:
CHILE 3.2 kgs

Fledging Survival:
CHILE high
FALKLANDS almost zero

Full Reports:
1. BINGHAM (2002) The decline of Falkland Islands penguins in the presence of a commercial fishing industry - Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 75: 805-818.
2. Bingham M (2020) Magellanic penguin (Spheniscidae) monitoring results for Magdalena Island (Chile) and Cabo Virgenes (Argentina) 2000 - 2019. Anales Del Instituto De La Patagonia, 48(1), 27-35.


research publications

For people wishing to know more about our penguin research, here are some of our scientific publications.

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The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham - now available online here or from bookshops world-wide, ISBN: 1420813757

The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham


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