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Mike Bingham's work to save penguins has featured on TV several times.

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EXPLORE: Patagonia to the Pampas   EXPLORE: PATAGONIA TO THE PAMPAS (BBC2, 25th January 2009) - In January 2009, BBC2's new series EXPLORE featured Mike Bingham's work in Argentina, and his fight to halt the starvation of penguins in the Falkland Islands. The programme shows Mike working with penguins in Argentina, and at home discussing the starvation of Falklands penguins, and the circumstances surrounding his Supreme Court victory against the Falklands government for Human Rights Abuse following their attempts to silence his work. (


Mare TV FEUERLAND: February 2006
follows Mike Bingham as he conducts his penguin research on Magdalena Island in Chile, and discusses the penguin adoption programme, which now has lots of supporters in Germany.

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We have also been the subject of a number of Newspaper reports from around the world.

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Wildlife Illustrations

The drawings on this page were produced by Dr Mike Bingham.

You can see more of his drawings in the Bird Guide Picture Gallery.
Paramount Pictures documentaries about our work.
In November 1999, a wildlife film crew from Paramount Pictures visited the Falkland Islands in order to film a documentary about Mike Bingham and his work in the Falklands to save penguins. This was presented in a series of three documentaries shown around the world on Discovery Channel's Animal Planet.


Features Mike Bingham's work on King Penguins. These extraordinary birds are certainly not camera shy, and are soon gathered around us to see what's going on. Whilst Mike conducts his population counts and records mating behaviour, the chicks are preparing for their transformation into adulthood.

illustration of a king penguin
Follows Mike's albatross studies in the Falkland Islands. The majority of the world population of Black-browed Albatross breed in the Falklands, and Mike studies population trends, breeding success and adult survival rates to ensure the population remains healthy.

illustration of a black browed albatross
Follows Mike Bingham as he conducts his annual counts of Falklands penguins. Along the way we meet a friendly fur seal, skuas stealing eggs and no less than four different types of penguins.

illustration of a rockhopper penguin
Adopt a penguin
penguin hatchling photograph

Adopt and name your penguin, and we will send you reports and photos of your penguin's progress. We will even send you a map to show you exactly where your penguin lives, in case you ever want to visit. (Visitors are welcome).

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The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham - now available online here or from bookshops world-wide, ISBN: 1420813757

The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham


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