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Penguins of the Falkland Islands and South America

Prepare to enter the hidden world of the penguin. Learn how penguins dominate the half world of land and sea. See penguins like you have never seen them before.

This extraordinary book is the authoritative work on penguins of South America, an area that includes the Falkland Islands, one of the world’s most important penguin breeding sites.

Based on 8 years of research by Dr. Mike Bingham, the book includes detailed maps and population data for each breeding site.

The introduction gives an in depth look at the evolution, physiology, and life strategies of penguins, whilst individual chapters explain how each species has become adapted to fulfil its own particular niche.

Finally the role of penguins in the environment is explained, with some remarkable implications for human kind. If you want to know where to find a particular penguin, then maps of each species will show you. If you want to know why penguins don’t fly, or why they are black and white, then this book will give you the answer.

Proceeds of the book fund our research

The proceeds from the book fund the author’s ongoing efforts to save penguins threatened by over-fishing and oil pollution in the Falkland Islands. Prepare to be astonished, enthralled, and captivated by this beautifully written book.


The Falklands Regime

A sordid tale of government corruption and greed, one man's fight to save Falklands penguins, and his historic victory over the Falklands government in the Supreme Court, is now published in paperback: The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham (ISBN: 1420813757) is now available over the Internet using the link below, or through major book shops worldwide.

The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham - now available online here or from bookshops world-wide, ISBN: 1420813757

ISBN: 1420813757

  penguins of the falkland islands and south america a book by mike bingham

Adopt a penguin
penguin hatchling photograph

Adopt and name your penguin, and we will send you reports and photos of your penguin's progress. We will even send you a map to show you exactly where your penguin lives, in case you ever want to visit. (Visitors are welcome).

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buy our book

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The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham - now available online here or from bookshops world-wide, ISBN: 1420813757

The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham


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