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We are always pleased to receive donations in support of our research and conservation efforts.

You kindness will allow us to continue our research, and campaign on environmental issues, that will hopefully help us to avoid more disasters like those shown to the right.


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terrible photograph of masses of dead penguins resulting from starvation

terrible photo of dead penguins

Adopt a penguin
penguin hatchling photograph

Adopt and name your penguin, and we will send you reports and photos of your penguin's progress. We will even send you a map to show you exactly where your penguin lives, in case you ever want to visit. (Visitors are welcome).

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The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham - now available online here or from bookshops world-wide, ISBN: 1420813757

The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham


make a donation
We are always pleased to receive donations in support of our work. If you would like to make a donation, click here.
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